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Girlchan in Paradise Ep3 Girlchan in Paradise Ep3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good work, great potential

I thought there were some very good parts to this episode, including the opening
"hotdog" scene, the epic punch scenes, the shooting of the two girls who finish each other's sentences, and the unveiling of swirly glasses' final form.

The animation and art was also great, as was the sound quality and voice acting. Perhaps you could play with camera angles a bit more when characters talk (since this is something anime series sometimes do as well), but that's more of a stylistic choice.

In terms of humor, while I thought the breaking of the fourth wall after one of the characters died was an interesting choice, I'm not sure if it worked in the cartoon. For me, it slowed down the rapid-fire pacing, and was not as funny as the rest of the jokes in the piece.

For future episodes, you also may want to consider adding background music during the episode, and perhaps more specific anime references. I think music could really add to your scenes and flow, and would give you another facet of anime to parody.

And while you did throw in a few specific anime references that I caught on to -- such as the punch scenes and the opening hotdog scene -- it seemed most of the cartoon dealt with more general aspects of anime, such as the fact girls have large breasts, the nerdy character suddenly becoming powerful, the reusing of animation and poses, etc.

Even though that's all well and good, I thought the more specific references were your funniest jokes, rather than the general references, which are less original and a bit more stale. Plus, Considering the audience, you could probably add more specific jokes while still allowing your cartoon to be accessible and original.

In the end, however, very good work, and I look forward to future episodes.

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Adolf Hitler: ATWI80D 80 Adolf Hitler: ATWI80D 80

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The end.

The series has come to a close, but who could have possibly predicted that this flash would cause some much contrevery and hate, as well as receiving plenty of compliments from die hard fans of this "series."

I honestly thought nothing of the series, knowing that since all the episodes followed the same template, that viewers would most likely ignore the submission, or vote low and move on. Obviously, I was wrong. I think the haters were the driving force that kept the series alive. With no one hating it or bringing to public view through various hate threads or PMs, making 80 of these flash movies would become even more repetitve and boring.

Therefore, <3 to all the haters, Star Syndicate especially, as well as the lovers, whose comments are always hilarious to read.

Moving on to this submission, it's really quite entertaining, and being a grand finale of a series of 80, something special just HAD to be done. The most suprising part of the submission is that after the intro, it doesn't just go right to a victory scene. That's right, flash animation at its finest is jam-packed into this submission.

The movement of Hitler as he bobs towards the goal line is nothing but pure hilarity, and this scene turns out to be one of the most amusing in the flash.

Once Hitler crosses the goal, there's yet ANOTHER suprise laying in wait for the viewer. An EGB scene is then presented, after a great transitional sequence. What the suprise is, is combination of both Afro_Stud's and my own efforts to bring you an image so orgasmic, that you can't help but admire the beauty of it.

That's right, amazing drawings of Phantom, Dream-Of-Duke, and Hot-And-Charming, coupled with voice acting that will, to put it simply, BLOW YOUR MIND. Those who know not of the EGB may not find this scene as hilarious as intended, but should instead immediatly go out and do research on what the EGB is, in order to understand the deep complexities of the joke.

And this submission would not be complete without the ending scene of course. The final image of Hitler is then shown, as Hitler has made it back to Germany after suffering such hardships along the way. The music, instead of a light hearted "Sex on the Beach" is "We are the Champions," which gives the end a much more dramatic tone and mood.

The song fits the end of the series perfectly, because Hitler kept on fighting. He kept on fighting to the end, my friend. And he is the champion today. Thank you.

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AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

An Oscar winner is you.

Bahamut N' koreaman 01 Bahamut N' koreaman 01

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What not again.

The system never fails does it? Same intro, same thing that passes every time. Amazing, really. The easily recognizable gang of authors and intro cause seasoned b/pers to cast an eyeroll and a vote of 2 or more for an easy point. And then the people who find the image unbelievably hilarious and creative go ahead and vote 5.


This was one of your first photoshops I believe; what with the picture from june of last year and the outdated stats of bahamut. Plus it features that sig I made a while ago.

Amazingly this was pretty good photoshop work on your part, what with the matching of text and color, and overall it's pretty convincing looking. Most people have tough times making the text look good.

So I gave you a 5 for graphics because it was decent work but nothing special in terms of effort. Photoshopping text is always simple.

Your style is repetitive - one frame and a re-used intro. It's not original and it's getting stale, so you get a 2. Come up with something new, maybe after the hitler around the world series finishes.

The sound is like the style. It's reused everytime. Get a new themesong. Treat your viewers to something new. Even flashes made to spam the portal could still be interesting to listen to at least. 2/10

And a point for humor because the picture is probably funny. Probably.

That adds up to ten so there you go. A review of ten. HOW EXCITING.

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

It wasn't a photoshop. It was a screenshot taken by Tom Fulp.

Adolf N' Woodrow 01 Adolf N' Woodrow 01

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Review: Adolf N' Woodrow 01


This submission, although lacking in length and substance, comes through as something quite wholesome in the end.

From the very start, the main idea is made clear through pictures of the two characters who were mentioned in the title. The font on the title screen also fits nicely, giving the animation a very needed touch of class.

I loved the way the play button increased in size when the mouse was hovered over it, which, again, shows important attention to detail in the flash creation. The background, while not detailed, is a nice shade of green and the gradient gives the background an extra something, which is not noramlly seen in many mass produced flash animations today. Truely excellent to behold, the soft background combined with the rest of the intro screen, already show the flash is nothing less of a masterpiece.

Pressing the play button allows the viewer to watch the pinnacle of flash animation. Different backgrounds are introduced through clever blur and fade effects, which are masterfully done. This part of the flash is the real eye candy, and it in no way dissapoints.

The fonts used for "Adolf" and "Woodrow" were amazing picks to fit the flash animation, and the way the pictures zoomed in according to the background song was great.

Moving on from the amazing introduction animation, we get to the actual flash, which, while short, is still amazing at the least. Many people say great things come in small packages. These people are most certainly correct.

The humorous picture is presented with a just as funny song as background music to enhace the hilarity of the scene. The picture is also cleverly photoshopped, but to the naked eye, no connections to photo manipulation could possibly be made.

Overall, the flash is amazing, and deserves much more recognition. Even one million views would not be enough to appease the greatness which is Adolf N' Woodrow 01.

I can't WAIT for the next episode, I'm sure it will be just as great, even if this is nearly impossible to top. Seriously, great work to all the authors, they all played their part in the creation of this masterpiece.

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

Thanks for the incredibly in-depth review :O

"The picture is also cleverly photoshopped, but to the naked eye, no connections to photo manipulation could possibly be made."


"Overall, the flash is amazing, and deserves much more recognition. Even one million views would not be enough to appease the greatness which is Adolf N' Woodrow 01."

You got that right.

"Seriously, great work to all the authors, they all played their part in the creation of this masterpiece."

What about Major_punk?

lawl the only one

Thanks again for the review



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice work.

I really enjoyed it, for both it's more obvious and deeper meanings, not to mention the great art styles and animation.

The story is simplistic at face value, but you really tell it well, providing a nice look into how the people who aren't as deserving, but come up with a single good idea, overshadow the other artists who try hard but never get noticed. I liked the cameos to newgrounds such as the scoring for the artwork, and the administrator's name. It seems you were comparing the artist who made all the money to illwillpress, with providing a few specific details along the way, including the scene when the artist hears about a hurricane, and then goes to make a drawing about it. Other things include how the character the artist created always rants about hating things, and his fanboys attack anyone who insults his work.

The drawing style was really unique, and the way you use very light/happy colors for the one artist, while using an oppisite color style for the other, more negative artist. It shows your attention to detail when creating the movie.

Your drawings for the characters for the most part were pretty simple, and not to detailed, but they are still well done nonetheless. The t-shirt company person really freaked me out the first time I saw it though. Some of the flashes between scenes with the subliminal words were kind of annoying though. I liked most of your backgrounds, as many of them seemed to have a nice pastel look to them, which was interesting to watch.

The music wasn't something that I would listen to, because it's not really my taste, oh well.

Overall it's a very well made movie that pays a lot of attention to detail when setting the mood, and has a very good message to those artists or animators who get left in the dust.

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ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

Thank you very much!

Tails and his GBA 2 Tails and his GBA 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Wow, nice job with the sprites!

This series is turning out very well, I enjoy it very much :) By the way, this is a review for both sonic and his gba one and two combined.

The graphics in the series are all sprites for the most part, and although it's always hard to make good looking movies using sprites, this series is done very well, and everything is smooth and flows well. I'm also pretty sure that you made some of the sprites you used in this series, and that must take a lot of effort. At some parts of the movies, like in front of tails house, near the end of the zelda scene, etc, you zoom in on the chatacters, causing them to become very pixelated, which makes it hard to see the movie. The idea for the movies is indeed interesting, but watching these movies, it seems that you came up with a good idea, and then use different video game sitituations to come up with gags. Overall, it makes the movies thus far predictable, and full of random humor thrown in all over the place. Scene "???" anyone??? ;) I don't know if you're planning on doing anything to actually form a real plot through these, but it could be nice if you tie the movies in the series together through an underlying plot, instead of just random humor.

The scene selection screen and the right click bar were great additions to the movie that allowed you to navigate it with ease. The two ending parts of the movies are also pretty cool, but you must realize that everyone that even remotely enjoys this movie is going to be watching them both. Maybe you could add a button that reads "both" so you can watch both endings in a row, instead of doing all that work of going to the scene selection screen and picking the next ending :p

The movies are also pretty funny overall. Video game humor might not be the most exciting or deep, but it always works for quite a few jokes, as tails and his comrade for the day explore different video games, causing trouble for the respective characters in the games.

Overall, I thought it was a fun movie to watch, and although it's not the most memerable or unpredictable series, you'll still be able to enjoy yourself while watching.

RupeeClock responds:

Just one thing, when you do series you should review individual submissions.

Usually the humor is just made to be humor with a small plot, no plot is really there until they are there.

I'd like to do a "both" thing but well, I don't have the actionscript knowledge, lol.

Thanks for the review, it was REALLY helpful!

Catfight Catfight

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice style for the movie

I like this movie, nice job on it! The way you put the movie together and the music to carry it a long worked very well. The graphics were pretty good throughout the movie. The cats were well shaded and the training part of the movie was the best because of the different positions you were able to put the cat in. The two cats in the movie were very similar though. I would have liked it if you had made the gray one look even a bit different from the red cat. Also, the fight scene at the end really left something to be desired. The big ball of smoke rolling along seemed like a lazy way to do the scene. I'm not saying that the battle had to be a big focus of the movie, or had to be long, but maybe if you added some quick animations of the cats actually hitting each other, it would have made the scene more exciting.

The style you use with split screens in the movie is awesome. The way you did this was great, and it really set the movie apart from what a movie without the added style would be. The ways you can see the eyes of the cats, or simply just the cat's paw showing it's claws, show how you really put effort into making the movie as interesting as you could. I like the training scene when the cats train to the music in the background.

As far as the rest of the movie goes, it's all good. The techno type beat in the background helped things keep moving, and helped make up for the lack of sound effects in the actual movie. There wasn't much actual violence in the movie except for the small fight, but that even ends with a happy ending either way. The way the cat trained was funny looking, so I guess you could say you put in some humorus value in the movie. Overall great job making this a fun cat movie, and I'm happy that there was a nice ending as well :)

Eatin' Toast Eatin' Toast

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good short.

Interesting little short here, though it was a bit wired, pretty good overall.

The gaphics were pretty good. The drawing of the guy was pretty detailed, and the overall expressions of him and the toaster were done well. It's good to create a movie where the characters can express feeling through their facial expressions. The toaster, although much less detailed than the guy, was still good, and somewhat reminded me of the toater from "The brave little toaster" movie. The play button screen and the ending screen weren't that good though, they felt sloppy, and didn't really seemed like they fit in a movie like this with better graphics overall.

The style of the movie was interesting, had a bit of a ren and stimpy style that I noticed. You also put the most work and style into the faces of your characters, which is an interesting syle to go with.

I liked the voice acting in the movie a lot. The voices were believable, and the high pitched voice of the toaster made it seem more innocent, and the gruff voice of the guy made him seem quite evil. The laughing at the end was also pretty good. Some of the sound effects you used also worked well in their respective places.

Not too much violence really, except for the poor toaster being violated by the toast. As for humor, the characters actions were pretty funny, and the remark the toaster makes in the end was also funny. Overall, good job with the movie, although it was quite odd, and had a pretty good lack of plot or chance of making sense. I'd suggest making the start of the movie look more polished, and making a replay button at the end of the movie.

Ambush! Ambush!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You know how to do kirby!

Wow, just wow, thank you for this. The drawings for kirby looked exact to the ones from the games/show. I love the music you used, and I can see why there were no sound effects. I mean, the action is so detailed and fun to watch, that you don't need sound effects to guide the flash along, the music does that very well. I read your commentary and I saw why you didn't add any plot, but you could add some kind of scrolling text or quick explanation of why kirby is out in space, just to easily clear things up. I love your style and drawings, hope to see more kirby cartoons from you soon!

Don't Call Me White Don't Call Me White

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Actually good.

That way you made the sprites play the instruments looked pretty cool, and I like the song by the way. When you added the non-sprite pictures it almost ruined it, because they were poorly drawn. Adding shading could really solve this problem, it makes things look a lot better. The backgrounds were plain, but at least it didn't flash or anything. The sprites had small grey outlines around them, but I guess it wan't too much of a problem. The metal slug guy sprite was pretty pixilated though, and it was hard to tell what he was. Still great though.