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Good work, great potential

I thought there were some very good parts to this episode, including the opening
"hotdog" scene, the epic punch scenes, the shooting of the two girls who finish each other's sentences, and the unveiling of swirly glasses' final form.

The animation and art was also great, as was the sound quality and voice acting. Perhaps you could play with camera angles a bit more when characters talk (since this is something anime series sometimes do as well), but that's more of a stylistic choice.

In terms of humor, while I thought the breaking of the fourth wall after one of the characters died was an interesting choice, I'm not sure if it worked in the cartoon. For me, it slowed down the rapid-fire pacing, and was not as funny as the rest of the jokes in the piece.

For future episodes, you also may want to consider adding background music during the episode, and perhaps more specific anime references. I think music could really add to your scenes and flow, and would give you another facet of anime to parody.

And while you did throw in a few specific anime references that I caught on to -- such as the punch scenes and the opening hotdog scene -- it seemed most of the cartoon dealt with more general aspects of anime, such as the fact girls have large breasts, the nerdy character suddenly becoming powerful, the reusing of animation and poses, etc.

Even though that's all well and good, I thought the more specific references were your funniest jokes, rather than the general references, which are less original and a bit more stale. Plus, Considering the audience, you could probably add more specific jokes while still allowing your cartoon to be accessible and original.

In the end, however, very good work, and I look forward to future episodes.

Review: Adolf N' Woodrow 01


This submission, although lacking in length and substance, comes through as something quite wholesome in the end.

From the very start, the main idea is made clear through pictures of the two characters who were mentioned in the title. The font on the title screen also fits nicely, giving the animation a very needed touch of class.

I loved the way the play button increased in size when the mouse was hovered over it, which, again, shows important attention to detail in the flash creation. The background, while not detailed, is a nice shade of green and the gradient gives the background an extra something, which is not noramlly seen in many mass produced flash animations today. Truely excellent to behold, the soft background combined with the rest of the intro screen, already show the flash is nothing less of a masterpiece.

Pressing the play button allows the viewer to watch the pinnacle of flash animation. Different backgrounds are introduced through clever blur and fade effects, which are masterfully done. This part of the flash is the real eye candy, and it in no way dissapoints.

The fonts used for "Adolf" and "Woodrow" were amazing picks to fit the flash animation, and the way the pictures zoomed in according to the background song was great.

Moving on from the amazing introduction animation, we get to the actual flash, which, while short, is still amazing at the least. Many people say great things come in small packages. These people are most certainly correct.

The humorous picture is presented with a just as funny song as background music to enhace the hilarity of the scene. The picture is also cleverly photoshopped, but to the naked eye, no connections to photo manipulation could possibly be made.

Overall, the flash is amazing, and deserves much more recognition. Even one million views would not be enough to appease the greatness which is Adolf N' Woodrow 01.

I can't WAIT for the next episode, I'm sure it will be just as great, even if this is nearly impossible to top. Seriously, great work to all the authors, they all played their part in the creation of this masterpiece.

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

Thanks for the incredibly in-depth review :O

"The picture is also cleverly photoshopped, but to the naked eye, no connections to photo manipulation could possibly be made."


"Overall, the flash is amazing, and deserves much more recognition. Even one million views would not be enough to appease the greatness which is Adolf N' Woodrow 01."

You got that right.

"Seriously, great work to all the authors, they all played their part in the creation of this masterpiece."

What about Major_punk?

lawl the only one

Thanks again for the review


Very nice work.

I really enjoyed it, for both it's more obvious and deeper meanings, not to mention the great art styles and animation.

The story is simplistic at face value, but you really tell it well, providing a nice look into how the people who aren't as deserving, but come up with a single good idea, overshadow the other artists who try hard but never get noticed. I liked the cameos to newgrounds such as the scoring for the artwork, and the administrator's name. It seems you were comparing the artist who made all the money to illwillpress, with providing a few specific details along the way, including the scene when the artist hears about a hurricane, and then goes to make a drawing about it. Other things include how the character the artist created always rants about hating things, and his fanboys attack anyone who insults his work.

The drawing style was really unique, and the way you use very light/happy colors for the one artist, while using an oppisite color style for the other, more negative artist. It shows your attention to detail when creating the movie.

Your drawings for the characters for the most part were pretty simple, and not to detailed, but they are still well done nonetheless. The t-shirt company person really freaked me out the first time I saw it though. Some of the flashes between scenes with the subliminal words were kind of annoying though. I liked most of your backgrounds, as many of them seemed to have a nice pastel look to them, which was interesting to watch.

The music wasn't something that I would listen to, because it's not really my taste, oh well.

Overall it's a very well made movie that pays a lot of attention to detail when setting the mood, and has a very good message to those artists or animators who get left in the dust.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

Thank you very much!

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Amazing Graphics - Much too hard

The title of this review basically sums up my main points. The graphics were well drawn and very polished, and many scenes were most likely touched up in Photoshop to give a more realistic feel. The Nene preloader was also a nice touch.

My only complaints about the graphics would be that going from movie to interactive was a pretty big jump because of the decrease in detail. It just looked odd to have these big detailed scenes and characters suddenly shrink down to small running sprites.

My other nitpick at the animation would be that when the bear is eating Pico's guts, it seems a bit off and fake. The bear is drawn in Flash and looks like a smooth vector graphic, while the image of Pico is clearly more detailed, and makes the bear look like he's not actually interacting with Pico when eating his guts.

The music in the Flash is top-notch. It's clear, high quality, and definitely gets your heart racing while playing through the two mini-games.

Moving on to the actual mini-games, the parts of the submission which really drag it down. Both are extremely difficult and frustrating, and playing through each a good fifty or more times to finally beat it isn't exactly fun.

The bear chase was significantly easier than the second one, but is still much too hard nonetheless. The fact that the rocks come at you so quickly AND the bear is approaching makes it all the more annoying. I ended up beating it by clicking a whole lot of times and was able to keep myself afloat to avoid the rocks. Ugh.

The bird mini-game really takes the cake in terms of the most aggravating "avoid-the-obstacles" game I've ever played. The rocks and walls take up a good portion of the screen most of the time, and the speed in which they come at your character pretty much makes it impossible for ANY error whatsoever.

After finally beating it (took a good 20 minutes, and I ended up winning by luck), the death at the end was more of a let down than anything else, as I had just spent so much time attempting to live. Not funny guys, not at all.

Some suggestions for the mini-games:

* Add a "Skip" option. Either at the start of the submission or after dying a certain amount of times (10 maybe? 20?)
* Add a health bar (especially to the bird one) so that you don't have to be completely perfect while playing through
* Decrease the speed or size of the rocks/walls in the bird mini-game.

My main problem lies with the mini-game section. I think that more mini-games of lesser difficulty would have suited the submission better than two extremely hard ones. The ending was more of a let down than funny as well. In any case, interesting combination of movie and game, looks amazing, but falls short in terms of playability.

Luis responds:

sweet review thanks for the time. Yeah I guess we played it so much that it was easy for us and we thought we wouldnt make it such a piss take.. tweaked a pinch and it should be a little bit easier.. anywho, the death is a letdown i suppose but atleast nene is happy in the end and she does end up escaping the camp.

The minigame within a movie is an akward combination of things and i wasnt even sure wether to submit as a game or movie .. i still dont and definately brings up a host of issues which you bring up such as how to weave it seamlessly.. i think as time goes on and i continue to try this merger it'll get better. definately appreciate your feedback on problem areas. :)

God yes.

God fucking yes. That was the greatest thing ever. The graphics and dance choreography were masterfully done. The song selection was perfect (love all of the songs) and overall this flash is the most ground breaking submission I've ever seen.

The graphics are awesome, as you can quickly tell through the awesome preloader and menu screens. The backgrounds used in the flash also have a great well drawn, cartoony style to them. The fact that there were backgrounds for each song was also a nice touch ;)

The one thing I would say is that some of the backgrounds are a bit distracting to the main attraction of the flash (the amazing dancing). It probably was distracting because the window for the dancing wasn't centered on the screen, so your eyes are likely to look up a bit. Also the low quality movie can sometimes stick out against the very clean backgrounds. I suppose you can't do too much about that though :/

Otherwise it's very well done, and I liked some of the subliminal messages on the newgrounds backgrounds. So when should I give you that oral sex sir?

The style of the flash and dancing is of course the best thing I've ever watched. The only way to describe it is that it brought an orgasm to my eyes and erection to my pants :o The dance moves were over the top and easily recognizable, which made it really fun to play around with. It's tough getting the moves to match with the songs exactly, but most of the time it strangely works out.

With some of the dance moves the camera moves a little, either up or down, which can make moving from one move to another a bit choppy. I'm not sure if this was done on purpose to fit the dancing or not, but it's not much of a huge deal. When you press "Q" the door opens a little :p

This flash is awesome, but really it mostly comes down to mashing buttons and giggling at dave as he prances around in the room. It would be really cool if you could expand this little game, and possibly have him dance to a set beat, DDR style. For now though, this is still fun in it's own sexy and silly way.

Awesome job guys!

BlueHippo responds:

Thanks for the awesome review and ideas.



Awesome man, these games get better each time, even if the formula is somewhat hard to improve on because of the simple nature.

The graphics are slightly improved, with shading and nicer looking drawings, although the students and teachers are still round circles that float around, so it's not necessarily the greatest graphical achievement, but that doesn't mean it detracts from the overall gameplay. Although they aren't amazing drawings, it's still cleaned up nicely and everything is pretty tight.

I love your style, seriously. The little touches you add and sound effects blend really well with the rest of the game, and overall it's a great finish. Some things I can think of could be the way the act # bounces around, or just the way you time some of the sound with the events taking place.

Speaking of sound, the music in the certain situations works great, like when you're boycootting (boycoot?) the test and the other person walks in the room. Or the silly little sound effects from the teachers and students when they attempt to communicate.

The gameplay is unchanged from the last games. You walk over to the nerds test while the visually impaired teacher attempts to look at you. However the levels when you're not in the classroom were a great way to mix things up. Sneaking past security guards is always fun. It's the classroom meet metal gear. Woot.

I would have hoped there would have been more times you mixed it up, because no matter how many times I love copying off the yellow cirlce's paper in the same classroom each time, it starts to get somewhat repetitive. That's why I like you kept this game short but sweet.

You could have had your character copy off of people in other places than the classroom, or maybe changed the classroom your character took the test in, adding little twists for each different area, such as two teachers (student teacher perhaps?) or whatever.

If you could have made the plot a little more involved it could have been nice too. You could seperate gaps between levels with bits of dialouge, rather than jumping to the next level most of the time.

Overall, pretty much what I expected in terms of gameplay, but still really fun to play either way. I managed to kill a good amount of time on this. The "get help" feature is pretty cool too, so people don't have to go around begging for hints, although I feel that instead of doing the level for the player, just give a few tips rather than show the whole level.

Oh yeah, and for anyone who needs them, level codes.

Act 2: geekfoundation
Act 3: donalex
Act 4: windowchecker
Act 5: classroomrunner
Act 6: psychedman
Act 7: fisherlike
Act 8: boycoot
Act 9: cellularman
Act 10: theexcuse
Act 11: crash



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